When Should You Get Serious About Online Business?


There is a time in every successful business owners life, when they sit back, think for a moment.. and they realise something powerful.

It’s the same for people who are in business and are trying to market their business online, and it’s the same for individuals who have been thinking about an idea for years.. and are now ready to launch it.

For me, my time was during my “trench years”, I remember them pretty well.

My trench years were when I was forehead deep in the internet marketing work, learning, losing, getting shot down. I’m talking about attempt, after attempt, after attempt.

Nothing worked for me back then, it wasn’t fun.

I was working hard to try and learn:

  • Search Engine Optimisation. (SEO)
  • Google adsense.
  • Lead generation.

That was the three main things back then. Not to mention how to get websites designed and built, etc, etc. I was outsourcing the web coding stuff, but learning the lingo, what to ask for, how not to be ripped off was a big job all by itself.

I’m talking about 12-14 hours a day, 7 days a week… in front of the laptop trying to find the secret answer that everyone seemed to be hiding from me.

I just had one question for the world:


That’s a fair questions isn’t it? 🙂

Everyone I was learning from and listening to, all seemed to have a different method on how to launch and grow a online based business.

All the “internet pros”, the pro-bloggers on the topic, everyone. They were all telling me a slightly different version… and I would try it all! I’m a hard worker, I’ll trying anything to reach my goals.

But nothing seemed to work. There was 101 different ways to get customers, make sales and make money online. I’d heard them all within the first couple of years of me trying to earn an extra salary online.

When I Knew

But one day, late at night, sitting at my cheap Chinese flat pack desk.. in my lounge room (because I didn’t have a spare room to turn into a home office)…

The lights were off, laptop screen was beaming that neon glow onto my burned out and droopy tired face.

I was watching a youtube video, unfortunately I forget who it was now – I wish I made note of it to earmark this transforming moment. But, I can only tell you now that it was another online guru.

He was talking about web page design, and landing pages.

When you’re working on landing pages, you’re working on getting the highest percentage of all visitors to do whatever it is you want them to do when they get to your website; sign up, buy, subscribe, whatever.

This guru was talking about how you can have a visual clock on your web page that counts down to a deadline, the web page visitor would need to make their decision before the clock hits zero.

Here’s an example:

Landing page countdown timer

(in a live version, all the numbers would countdown. With a heading that said something like: “Get This Deal Before May 12th, 5pm – or whatever!)

The guy on the youtube video was saying that when visitors on a website are shown and faced with a count down timer like that, they know/assume that they need to make a real quick decision.

More importantly, when they now need to make a decision, more people tend to decide YES, compared to when there is no countdown clock.

By the way, here’s an insiders note. Years ago, back when I was learning and really up until 2015-2016 it was was common for these countdown timers NOT to be counting down to any deadline. They were just numbers counting down. If you refreshed the page, the numbers would start again!

This is obviously not recommended today. This type of thing would get you banned from Facebook, Google, etc, very quickly. And also piss off your more savvy clients.

ANYWAY… as I was watching this video, I realised something.

I said to myself: “I’ve seen this tactic before.

But it was in a different form than before. And there was some other guy calling it by a different name, but I’m sure it’s really just the same tactic!

“This is just urgency!” I said.

I know about urgency! I know that having some urgency helps people to buy or do whatever you’re trying to do in certain situations!

“Why on earth am I learning this again… at 1am in the morning!?”

This is the moment that I realised what I’d been missing. Why I was having trouble making money online. Why websites and new ideas kept failing.

I realised then that there is only so many parts to growing a business. There’s online so many parts to marketing a product and getting a sale.

But there’s an infinite amount of ways for “gurus” to rename it and sell it. “Urgency” can come labelled as a range of different things, disguised under a new catchphrase or term created by the latest internet marketer.

But when you keep listening, or look beyond their tagline… it’s just urgency!”

There’s only so many possible parts to growing a business. There’s only so many parts to marketing a product and getting a sale. But there’s an infinite amount of ways for “gurus” to rename it and sell it. 

So I started to write all these down every time I came across a tactic that I knew I had heard before, and that I already knew!

I Called This My Master List

Here’s one more example:

“Social Proof” and “testimonials” are the same thing.

I wrote down “Social Proof”. Since then, I’ve come across probably 8-10 different “new” tactics being taught and sold, but they are still all just social proof.

It’s now been years since I added a new category item to my marketing master list. That’s because there isn’t any others.

I’d learned them all and written them all down. I knew already that I knew them! But I was chasing a dream to make my online business work, and to make a lot of money.. so I was chasing anything that moved to try it.

But all I had to was stop, compile the master list.. and implement as many of those items as possible in every one campaign that I worked on. Not just one. And that’s when some real results were found.

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