Who Needs Digital Hair Gel?

We live in the only, and a funny world.

And I’m fully aware of what the small percentage (and I should add – the “high end”) of town expect from men today. I’m talking about the Calvin Kleins and Tom Fords of the world.

Hair gel is a perfect example, so lets attack hair gel for a moment so I can explain what I’m getting at here, and how it can help you become a better online marketer.

Of course I admit that I own hair gel. So this isn’t a hippy non-commercial thing.

I couldn’t tell you what brand or type of hair gel I own, but there’s a small blue jar of it in one of the draws in my bathroom. (I use it when I’m shooting a formal video, a video that is probably going to live on the internet or in a training program forever – and I use it more so just to keep my hair in place for the vid).

But fresh out of high school, when I turned 18 (legal drinking age in Australia), I started going out drinking, going to clubs… I thought hair gel was a necessity.

It’s happening earlier in 2018, I see high school boys in uniform and hair gel all the time. It was probably similar during my high school years too, but I had long hair past my shoulders and played the guitar…

So hair gel was absolutely zero concern to me.

We could call it the ‘cool kid syndrome’ perhaps. Whatever it is, the same thing happens in the online marketing world today. But it’s not hair gel (except all the “gurus” use it also).. The cool kid internet marketing syndrome is Chatbots, Bitcoin, Funnels and whatever else is new.

These are the things I call “digital hair gel”.

These are things that business owners are told they need, if they want to be successful marketing their products or services online. And they are told this of course by the people that sell them, (digital hair gel salesmen).

Tyler Durden from the movie Fight Club said:

Advertising has us chasing cars and clothes, working jobs we hate so we can buy shit we don’t need.

Hair gel.

Hair gel is one of these things.

If you and I sat down to a strong coffee, and you had hair gel in, I wouldn’t question it for a second. I get it.

Don’t worry, I’m in my own lane and I’m sure you’re doing what you need to do too!

I wanted to write this article today NOT to point the finger at people who wear hair gel, but to shine the light on hair gel and what it really means.

We constantly involve ourselves with things that aren’t important. Things that don’t really help us  achieve the goal we’re aiming for.


Girls now days, 35 and under let’s say. They generally like muscley guys with tattoos, hair gel and a stern look. I’m not saying every girl is with a guy like that, but I am saying that the average girl IS attracted to it.

But I argue that girls aren’t really interested in that at all, they are interested in how it makes THEM look and feel. Because they believe it’s what all other girls want too.

Before going out for a night on the town, a guy might ask himself “should I put hair gel in tonight?” – if he knows the 4 other guys he is meeting there are all wearing hair gel, he’ll very like put it in too.

Did the 4 other guys ask the same question before they left house? And more interestingly, did they all come to the same conclusion?

Girls are more interested in how they feel and look walking down the street next to a guy with big muscles, a sleeveless shirt, arms full of tattoos, dark shades, a stern look and hair gel.

And I am generally speaking. I personally know girls who don’t find guys like that attractive. Neither person is wrong or right.

There’s 101 ways for men and women to feel good and proud about themselves, but the “go to” in 2018 is what I’ve just described.

What’s This Mean for Internet Marketing?

Digital hair gel

Chat bots don’t get customers. Chat bots are just digital hair gel.

Logos don’t get customers. They’re just digital hair gel. A lot of business owners are convinced that a fresh modern logo and a revamped website design will get them more customers. But they’d have just as much luck buying five new business outfits and some new hair gel.

Your customers are in their own lane. They’re looking out for themselves.

The bigger question for you to consider is: “can you give them what they need?”

Your customer is less likely going to being concerned with HOW you delivered your promise, compared to HAVING the feeling they are hunting for by buying your product / or service. Does that make sense?

Delete the digital hair gel. It’s not necessary.

Don’t worry if they other guys at the bar are going to be wearing hair gel (don’t worry if your competitor just activated a chat bot on their Facebook page).

Invest that time and energy into focusing right in on, WHAT your customers really want deep down, and offer it to them.

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