Why It’s Easy to Get What You Want.

As you probably know, I have a book on Facebook Ads that I give away for free to fellow business owners, so that they can get a leg up, and head start with the basics of marketing on Facebook.

(The basics still being, probably a lot more than their competitors know).

This book is given away through a network of partners, but I also advertise this free book. And where do I advertise it? On Facebook! (positive irony I guess). 


If you’ve read a few of my other posts, or if you get my emails, you might of picked up on that I don’t do fluff.

I focus on facts. What works, or doesn’t work. That is simple to say, but more difficult to do.

Funnily enough, the difference between quitting your job and growing your own business is just knowing the basics of focusing on facts, and not chasing bright and shiny objects. 

This is how and why it’s easy to get what you want.

I’ve been working on tweaking the website where people get my Facebook Ads book from.

The better I can make this website, the more books I will give away – and it’s better for business.

So, I had two variations of the web page where I give away the book, and I wanted to know which one was better. 

If website 1 had 100 visitors, and gave away 10 books, and website 2 had 100 visitors and gave away 12 books, which website is better?

You’d be forgiven for saying “Website 2”, but there is more to it.

We All Need More Info

There is a mathematical way to work out if 100 visitors is enough people to base your decision on. And then if 10 and 12 books being “sold” (given away) is also enough samples to really bet your bottom dollar on.

That was the situation I was in, but I had another level of complexity layered over the top of that. (too long of a story to go into here).

What I can tell you, is that I didn’t know how to do it that’s for sure. And I spent 10 mins searching Google for a free online calculator to help me with what I needed. Surprisingly, I couldn’t find one (that’s another idea for another day/ or year).

So it was off to an old friend to get the answer: fiverr.com

What an amazing world we live in. 

I wrote about 10 sentences detailing my problem, I provided a screenshot and I did a search on Fiverr for “statistics” to find people who are crazy good at math. (unlike me)

I found providers in Kenya, Morocco, Bangladesh and Venezuela!

Within 15 minutes I had the answer to my problem that is realistically going to provide me with a 15% (ish) boost to an already very well oiled machine.

This was like me having this guy fully employed and on hand when I needed help with something that was very important. I could NEVER of done it myself, and this problem had the possibility of being very very valuable. If I could get the help I needed.

But it was much better than that. The guy who completed the job for me, was on the other side of the world. I paid him for an hour, he was happy, and so I was I.

The power that you and I have now, and the ability to connect with people that already know what you want to is amazing.

It really is an amazing time to be alive, and in business. Professional help when you need it, without paying for it permanently when you DON’T!

If you want my personal help with marketing your business on Facebook the right way to get customers, I’m starting a new private group where you can ask me direct questions and get my feedback in a more one on one basis. WITHOUT HIRING ME FULL TIME!

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