You HAVE TO Follow a Formula

Most women and men (and I did it too), throw random ingredients from the pantry into the oven and hope and pray that a cake will come out 50 minutes later. Of course, I’m talking about internet marketing. 

Most people throw every idea they have and most new strategies they discover into their “get rich plan”. Step 2 of this plan is to PRAY to the Internet Gods, that they will make money from their online business.

Imagine for a moment, if you were to mixed peanut butter, rice, canned tomato and brown sugar in a cake tin, and then threw that into the oven. Will you pull a yummy cake out of the oven 50 minutes later?

Would this recipe or “strategy” make a cake?

You might think, how would anyone expect a cake to come out of the oven – but this EXACTLY what most people do when they are setting up a new online business. Or if they are justing taking their offline business, online!

The Formula

There is a formula to setting up and launching an online business. Or if you already have a OFFLINE business, and you just want to be getting more customers online, the formula is the same.

But if you’re not following a basic “recipe”. You’re not going to bake anything that resembles a cake.

Think about it like this, if you already knew what the basic ingredients were for a cake, even if you DID NOT MEASURE any of these out, and you just mixed into a bowl some:

  • flour
  • eggs
  • milk
  • sugar
  • butter
  • Cocoa powder (for a chocolate cake)

Even if you GUESSED the measurements, after 50 minutes in the oven at least your partner, or your flat mate or your neighbour would be able to see and smell that you tried to bake a cake.

It might not of raised perfectly. It might be too dry, or not sweet enough. But you followed the formula, you threw in the right ingredients and now you have a cake.

If you followed the formula for setting up a online business, at least you would have something that looked like and acted like a online business.

Even if it didn’t start making you $100 a day from the get go, if it just got a handful of people to sign up and to ask you for a quote or more information – at least you have something that is almost there.

No you can keep that website / online business, and simply start adjusting and tweaking it!

Your online business is not a cake, it’s never finished baking. It can and should evolve. And you should adjust the ingredients until you have a great online business that you can be proud of and show all your friends! Just like you would if you baked a delicious cake!

If cakes aren’t your thing – change this example to your own home brew Beer. If you put pasta, olive oil and milk in your home brew kit, you’re not following any formula. And you’re not going to get anything that looks, smells or tastes anything like Beer.

You wouldn’t invite your friends over to have a BBQ and to taste test your Pasta and Milk Home Brew. And your friends will be glad that you didn’t! Because you did not follow any recipe or formula. You just chucked some ideas into the barrel and hoped it was going to turn out alright.


Have you done this before in your business?

Have you heard about some cool, new tricks or hacks online and thought to yourself “i’ll give this a go“?

Or did you finally write out the points of your BIG IDEA what was stewing in the back of your mind for years, invest time and money and launched it online? Only to have it fail?

Here’s the thing, it might of been a good idea!

Just like the cake filled with cream and jam is a good idea. But maybe the first person who dreamed this up and told his baker friend about it, was called crazy – until he made it, and it was delicious!

This baker knew the formula to bake a cake, so he could tweak it and near perfect it, to create something that is eaten all around the world today. I tried to find out who invented the jam and cream filled sponge cake, but the best info I could find before I lost interest, pointed to the English around 1843.

What to Do Now

If you are wanting to take a business online, if you’re wanting to get customers, sell products or attract big fish online (whatever that means for YOU and YOUR business), you will need to follow a formula.

Throwing ideas at the wall and hoping something is going to work is a quick way to lose money and fail.

If you want me to step and help you through a formula that works to attract and get customers online, just reach out to me via email. By now, you should already have my email address. If you don’t, I can’t post it here out in the open, because that’s a quick way to get hundreds of spam emails a day. So to get my email address you can Contact Us on this page, or enter your email in the box on this page to get more info. You will get more info via email in the coming days and months, and you will also be able to reply to the email you get.

That’s how you can get my help to walk you through the formula I follow to get customers online.

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