Your Audience and Facebook Pixel

In this post, I want to show you how you can use your Facebook pixel to tag, and identify your existing audience on Facebook.

For this example, I’m talking about people who are NOT already part of your Facebook followers nor the people who ‘like’ your Business Page on Facebook.

I’m talking about your website. 

If you have a website for your business, and if you plan to market your products and services on Facebook, you should also have your Facebook Pixel installed on your website.

If you don’t have it installed already, stop reading this RIGHT NOW and set that up. You can see How to set up your Facebook Pixel here.

Years ago, it was easy to market a product on Facebook. It was affordable, it was easy to get the customers attention. But that has changed. And it will never be like that again, until the next generational ‘thing’ comes around and takes off like Facebook did (unless Facebook is here to stay – which I think could be possible, even if it’s no longer called Facebook).

BUT NOW, going to Facebook cold, fresh and new, and advertising your product from complete scratch and trying making it profitable, that will be one of the hardest things you will ever do!

This is why i’m writing this article for you right now! And this why it’s very important that you get your Facebook pixel installed on your website, or in your app YESTERDAY. If not yesterday, today!

Have you heard this saying before?

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is NOW!

This saying perfectly sums up what I’m talking about.

With your Facebook Pixel on your website or in your App, you can log into your Facebook Advertising account and tell Facebook to create a list (known as an “audience”) of all the people who visited your website.

You can then create a new Ad and show your Ad ONLY to these people.

Because these people have already been to your website, they already should have some or a lot of familiarity with YOU or with YOUR BUSINESS! This is what professional marketers mean, when they talk about people who “know you, like you, and trust you!“.

When you do this, marketing on Facebook becomes a lot easier.

You are not going in cold anymore. You are not showing your Ad to 10,000 strangers who have had NOTHING to do with you in the past.

You are contacting a “warm” audience. When these people see your Ad in their Facebook newsfeed, when they are just casually scrolling through on their phone, they are already one step closer to being your customer. Does that make sense?

Here is something even better:

If your business sells “in ground heated pools”, and someone visits your website. It’s obvious that this person, or at least someone they know is interested and thinking about getting an in ground heated pool.

You already have your Facebook pixel loaded on your website, and you’ve already told Facebook to show a certain Ad about ‘in ground heated pools’ to everyone who has visited your website, but who ALSO did not fill out the “get a quote” form.

Now your Ad is only being shown to these people. Every time someone sees or clicks on your Ad, Facebook charges you! Therefore, you would not want to be showing your Facebook Ad to someone who either has a phobia with water, or at least has never visited your website.

This is why you need to have your Facebook pixel installed on your website right now!

Every new visitor to your website will be added to your custom audience that you set up in Facebook. If you get 10 people a day visiting your website, those 10 people will be added to your list for your targeted ad in Facebook. If you get 1,000 people a month, they will all be added to your custom audience as well.

You might be imagining now: “WOW! there are a lot of things I can do with this!

If you sell Salt Water Pools as well as Chlorine Pools, you could set up your Facebook ad so that people who visited your Salt Water Pool page on your website, will see this ‘Salt Water Pool Ad’.

And people who looked at your Chlorine Pool page on my website, and who DIDN’T look at your Salt Water Pool page, you can show all those people this other ad on chlorine pools!

It’s the same principle with any business and any product.

For example:

  • Show Accounting Ads to people who looked at your Accountant services page on your website.
  • Show Bookkeeping Ads to people who looked at your bookkeeping services page on your website. 
  • If you sell used luxury cars, show Mercedes Facebook Ads to people who looked at the Mercedes on your website.
  • And show the Lexus Ad to people who looked at the Lexus on your website!
  • The possibilities are almost endless!

Inside of Facebook, this is called “custom audiences”. You’re creating custom audiences.

But here’s a warning. It’s very tempting to set up LOTS of these, and to make it very complex. I suggest you focus on just your main product and your main service. Perfect this system I’m outlining for you here on just one product /or service. And then you can move onto different custom audiences based on what they did and didn’t view on your web page.

People who visit your website are your audience. All YOU have to do is claim them as such. Targeting just these people with your Facebook Ads will bring you better results than what targeting ‘anyone’ on Facebook will.

Make it easier on yourself. Target and convert your existing audience first.

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