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Facebook Ads Marketing Book

Facebook Ads Book

Facebook Ads Marketing Book

This book was written to be easy to understand but also easy to implement in your business.

“How to Get Customers From Facebook Ads” is a real physical book that will be sent to you.

The book has been updated in mid 2020 and is available through the button below.

How to Offer What You're Selling So Customers Can't Refuse - By Craig Marty

Marketing OFFERS Books

How to Offer What You're Selling So Customers Can't Refuse - By Craig Marty

When you have a good product or service but customers still don’t seem to buying it… it’s usually because of how it’s being “offered”.

“OFFERS” are the secret sauce that marketing professionals hide in plain site and this book walks you through this concept in a very simple and clever way.

Learn how to “OFFER” and sell your products and services with this book.

Your Customer Mountain

Have me and my team design, build and deploy your businesses Customer Mountain.

With your industry knowledge and our marketing strategy execution we can build a evergreen marketing campaign for your business that will bring in more and more clients with just a few hours of work from your side each week.

The first step is for us to talk on the phone and learn more about your business, your goals and for us to be sure we can help you.


Let’s dedicate a full hour to discussing and answering your biggest questions about your business getting more customers.

Just me and you (+ your business partner if there is) looking at all or either of these:

  • The valuable quick wins that are right there, in front of you right now. 
  • Discussing and fixing the biggest road block in your business.
  • How to get more and do more of what you’re already doing (amplify and grow). 
  • Talk about what new direction could work for you.
  • Fix a marketing campaign that’s not working right now. 
  • Or something else.